Our Aircraft

Watermakers Air is pleased to offer Cessna Grand Caravans, state-of-the-art turbine engine aircraft, as our charter fleet, with air service in the Southeast U.S. and the Bahamas (e.g., Exuma Cays, Andros, Abaco, Eleuthera, etc.), for personal or corporate air charter.


Cessna Grand Caravan

As a passenger airplane the Grand Caravan has room enough for 14 people (but by FAA regulations, Caravans operated in North America may only transport a total of 9 passengers, plus the pilot and co-pilot). The restriction on number of seats means more legroom for passengers in an already spacious cabin.

The Grand Caravan is also capable of carrying approximately a full ton of cargo. Unique to this aircraft is the extra cargo pod located below the cabin, increasing the storage capability to almost triple that of most corporate jets and far superior to a King Air 200.

Cessna Grand Caravan Cockpit

The Watermakers Air Caravans have spacious cabins equipped with individual lighting and environmental controls. Huge windows all around and high wing placement provide for excellent visibility. An intercom system allows the pilot to communicate with passengers while in flight.

The Grand Caravans operated by Watermakers Air can get you in and out of tight spots in a hurry. With a cruise speed in excess of 190 mph, the Grand Caravan can land almost anywhere, needing less than 1,200 feet of runway to roll to a complete stop.

By comparison, a King Air 200 will transport 7-8 passengers with limited luggage capacity, while needing three times more runway length than a Grand Caravan.

With our the latest addition to the fleet, a brand-new Caravan EX, passengers can enjoy the most comfortable Caravan available in South Florida. The modern Caravan EX boasts a luxurious cabin our passengers are sure to enjoy, featuring executive leather seating, a wide aisle, and large windows to savor the beautiful views of the islands. Equipped with the most advanced technology in its class, the EX features the exceptional Garmin G1000 glass cockpit avionics suite. In addition, the larger engine and four-bladed prop allow for a faster cruising speed and provide an ultra-quiet and smooth ride.

In addition to our fleet of Grand Caravans, Watermakers Air has access to a large variety of aircraft to best meet your private charter needs.

History of the Caravan
Federal Express depends on a fleet of more than 300 Caravan Super Cargomasters to feed overnight packages to and from outlying communities. With a superb dispatch rate, the Caravan is an important part of FedEx’s success.

The Cessna Grand Caravan was designed in the early 1980’s to replace a dwindling supply of old World War II era bush planes, the all-new Cessna Caravan was built on the philosophy of providing size and economy in a resilient frame that would be capable of operating anywhere in the world, during any season.

When the Caravan was first manufactured it was a big success with overnight freight haulers like Federal Express. FedEx came to love the strong economics of operating an airplane that was fully capable of carrying a large payload through any weather, to and from small towns where larger aircraft were unable to go. The airplane has quickly grown in popularity, with 60% of sales going to international operators.

Cessna Grand Caravan Passenger CabinCessna designed the airplane to have the safest and most-redundant equipment possible to meet the needs of pilots operating in various locations … from the buzz of New York City to the green of the Amazon, to the blues of the Exuma Cays. The Caravan boasts the very popular Pratt & Whitney PT-6, a powerful jet-propeller engine with 675 shaft-horsepower and legendary safety and reliability. The PT-6 creates incredible versatility for the Caravan, allowing it to jump in and out of small runways and operate in metropolitan airspaces, all while maintaining its cruise speed of 190 miles-per-hour on approach and yet slowing down in time to land and be off the runway in less than 1,000 feet.

The airplane has a high wing, allowing for increased visibility in flight, greater stability and giving the aircraft the capability of operating on a congested ramp or rural area without the threat of damage to the wings.

The avionics in Watermakers Air aircraft are state-of-the-art, with dual redundant flight instrumentation, weather radar, multi-function displays and dual global positioning systems providing triple moving maps displays that even show the elevation of terrain and other aircraft around the airplane’s position.

As for transporting freight, the Caravan can quickly remove all of its seats and utilize its nearly 451 cubic feet of volume, it’s large cargo door and almost two tons of available payload capability to transport freight anytime to anywhere. With a near 99 percent dispatch reliability rate at Federal Express, the Caravan has proven itself to be capable of meeting the objectives of any customer.

Simply put, the large, comfortable, and reliable Caravan is the ideal choice for island hopping with Watermakers Air.

You can also visit Cessna.com for more information on the Grand Caravan.

* All flights provided by Watermakers Air are conducted in accordance with 14 CFR Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Watermakers Air (FAA Certificate number N5CA865Y) is a certificated On-Demand / Commuter Air Carrier and holds Economic Authority issued by The Department of Transportation." Please visit www.dot.gov for more information on public charter flights.